Membership & Public Play

The Tennis Academy is the largest ​​SEMI PRIVATE TENNIS CLUB in western Canada.  Although the public has booking privileges at the club, there are many great perks and incentives to becoming a member. The Tennis Academy prides itself on being the most affordable place to book ​INDOOR TENNIS COURTS in Calgary.

Membership Options & Rates

  • Single Adult Membership ($600 intiation fee + $130 monthly dues)
  • Senior Membership 65+ ($450 initiation fee + $105 monthly dues)
  • Super Senior Membership 75+ ($450 initiation fee + $80 monthly dues)
  • Junior Membership - under 18 ($450 initiation fee + $105 monthly dues)
  • Student Membership - full time ($450 initiation fee + $105 monthly dues)
  • Couples Membership ($900 initiation fee + $185 monthly dues)
  • Family Membership - 2 adults + 1 child ($1,000 initiation fee + $215 monthly dues) * $30 monthly dues for each additional child
  • Single Parent Membership - 1 adult + 1 child ($600 initiation fee + $160 monthly dues) * $30 monthly dues for each additional child

Public Court Booking Rates

The Tennis Academy court rental rates are based on 1 hour sessions.  Here are a list of our prices:

  • Members - no court fee
  • Adult rate - $40 ($20 each for singles, $10.00 each for doubles)
  • Junior rate - $34 ($17 each for singles, $8.50 each for doubles)
  • Senior & Super Senior rate - $34 ($17 each for singles, $8.50 each for doubles)

Court Booking Policies & Procedures

Both members and non members can book tennis courts at The Tennis Academy. Bookings for the 6 tennis courts in our bubble are made on the hour (eg. 3:00 - 4:00 pm).  Bookings for the 4 tennis courts in our building are made on the half hour (eg. 3:30 - 4:30 pm).  Court bookings can be made online, in person or over the telephone.  No email reservations will be accepted. 

  • Can make bookings 6 days in advance in the building and 5 days in advance in the bubble
  • Can have a maximum of 4 bookings at one time in a 7 day period (bookings made within 24 hours do not count towards the 4 bookings maximum)
  • Members will be charged an extra $10 for any extra bookings over the 4 bookings maximum in a week
  • Members are charged a 1$ facility useage fee for court use.  This fee is only charged once per day and is added on to monthly membership dues the following month

Non Members
  • Can make bookings 5 days in advance in both the building and the bubble
  • There are no limits to how many bookings a public client can have in a 7 day period

Cancellation & No Show Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for both members and non members.  

  • Members failing to give 24 hours notice will be charged a $10 fee.  The $10 fee will also apply if a member doesn't show up for their court booking
  • Non members failing to give 24 hours notice will forfeit their court fee